Whether you class yourself as an animal lover – someone who is dedicated to the rights and the welfare of animals, or whether you’re simply an observer and prefer to witness the delightful creatures from afar, well these are some of the very best wildlife holidays in the world!

Gorilla Tracking 

Rwanda & Uganda

Watching gorillas is often found at the very top of people’s bucket lists & there is a very good reason for that. Gorilla tracking really is the ultimate trip, as you spend hours hiking through the beautiful mountains of Uganda or Rwanda, before settling down  and coming face to face with the intimidating yet gentle mountain gorillas. Once you’ve looked into the eyes of these magnificent beasts, some say it will change your life forever!

The Big 5 Safari


There are not many more magical and majestic sights than seeing a member of the big five roam around the African Savanna. Watching lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants & black rhinos take centre stage is what the safari holiday is all about. Whether you’re driving the jeep across the African plains yourself or you’re being driven by a local wildlife expert, the big five safari is definitely one not to be missed – an experience you’ll never forget!

Nature Park


The Elephant Nature Park is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre. Visitors can volunteer assistance with carrying out daily duties. If you’re not that into elephants and would rather not clean up after them you can simply enjoy the fantastic surroundings in which Thailand have to offer. Due to the popularity of this nature park, volunteers have accumulated an entire herd of elephants from previous rescues. All elephants are put through a healing process to allow them to feel more comfortable in their new surroundings and potentially rid their memories of any past misbehaviour. This is something that is available for volunteers and visitors to take part in. Three Elephant Nature Parks are located across the world – Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Whales & Dolphins 


Whether you’ve seen a dolphin in a bottom glass boat or caught a whale whilst on a cruise you will never see anything more spectacular as the Whales and Dolphins of the Azores. Within the cetacean-rich waters of the Azores, Sperm Whales and Dolphins come to life. Rather than witnessing these intelligent creatures from afar, there is potential for very close encounters making this an extremely venturous experience.  Alongside the whales, there are several dolphin species located in the Atlantic waters, such as the Atlantic Spotted and Striped.

Sloth Sanctuary


Whether you’re visiting Costa Rica for your holidays or specifically for the wildlife, the Sloth Sanctuary is an incredible place to visit and add to your bucket list. The Sloth Sanctuary is the first and original centre for orphaned, injured and even abandoned sloths. At the sanctuary you can extend your visit to however many days, with the convenience of the Buttercup Inn. Volunteer with the local members and learn about all the research which has been collected over the years. Additionally, a variety of tours are available if you are making a flying visit for the day, including various discount offers.

Woburn Safari Park


If travelling abroad isn’t the one for you then worry not, located in Bedfordshire – England lies the Woburn Safari Park. With activities such as Road Safari or Foot Safari, you’ll be tricked into believing you’re in South Africa. Ranging from Mammals to Conservations you’ll be guaranteed a superb wildlife experience. The Woburn Safari Park is for all ages meaning nobody is left out on your educative wildlife holiday.

Big Cat Sanctuary


If you are part of a school, a company or simply want to travel alone then the Big Cat Sanctuary is the place for you. The big cat volunteer project allows lions, tigers, leopards, jackals and more, to be safely settled within their own habitat in South Africa. The Sanctuary allows visitors to join for 2 weeks and up to 3 months all year round. Due to its popularity as a volunteered organisation, volunteers thrive on helping to raise awareness of wildlife conservation in South Africa. All accommodation and food is arranged between yourself and the volunteers at the organisation therefore no panicking about being in the middle of nowhere.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary


If your travels take you to Australia this year, only 12km out of Brisbane City is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Amazingly this is the world’s first and largest koala sanctuary with over 130 of the adorable furry creatures. The sanctuary is open 7-days a week so no need to plan to the last detail if visiting here. Whether you are travelling for a week or a weekend, this sanctuary is a definite hotspot for the best wildlife holidays. All Lone Pine Koala’s are located in the beautiful natural settings where they are accompanied by kangaroos and a large variety of Australian wildlife, visitors are welcome to hold the Koalas and hand feed the kangaroos making it an exceptional experience for both parties involved.

So if you’re ready to explore the great wilderness that this world has to offer, why not venture out across the world’s most beautiful landscapes in search for those animals (both big and small!). Trek through the African mountains with gorillas, nurture elephants back to health in Thailand, watch the whales in the Azores or cuddle koalas down under. However, you don’t want your truly epic wildlife adventure to end in disaster, by being ill abroad, suffering sickness abroad  or dealing with food poisoning on holiday. So if anything does happen to you, make sure to file holiday illness claims or holiday accident claims, as soon as you’re back!

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