Croatia is a relative newcomer to the holiday scene, in fact, it was only in the last years of the Nineties that the country started to find its feet in the tourism market.  However, today, more than 10 million people visit the country each year.

A huge part of Croatia’s appeal comes from its coastline. The seaside stretches out for almost 2000 kilometres and over 1000 islands sit off its shores.  In areas such as Porec, Rovinj and the Makarska Riviera, the sand and pebble beaches are overlooked by many cafés and restaurants.

The great weather is also a huge part of Croatia’s appeal.  However, many holidaymakers are unable to appreciate it due to experiencing illness during their stay.  Holidaymakers looking for a more cultural experience should be able to enjoy trips to Split and Dubrovnik and see the local medieval towns and historic churches, instead many are confined to their rooms suffering from one of the many cases of avoidable holiday illnesses reported.  These illnesses not only impact your health but leave holidaymakers out of pocket due to high medical expenses.

Although food safety guidelines exist, a large number of holidaymakers travelling to Croatia will still fall ill, with unsanitary conditions often causing severe stomach illnesses.  Food poisoning is the most common form of illness claimed for by visitors to Croatia.   Many hotels have been found to be serving undercooked or re-heated food, leading to serious bacterial infections.

Whilst staying in Croatia it is important to follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of food poisoning and other holiday illnesses:

  • Avoid foods not prepared hygienically.
  • Avoid food not stored at the correct temperature.
  • Frequently use an alcohol-based hand gel.
  • Avoid salads and any uncooked fruits and vegetables (these may have been handled unhygienically)

Although all holiday makers visiting Croatia are advised to drink only bottled water, poorly maintained swimming pools can also lead to serious stomach illness such as Gastroenteritis as a result of contracting Cryptosporidium.

It is your tour operators’ responsibility to make sure you are provided with a safe, clean and hygienic hotel.

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