Nagua is one of the Dominican Republics least visited areas in terms of tourism.  However there are a few luxury hotels in the area, and the visitors that do arrive in Nagua get to experience a more traditional side of the country.  Despite its relatively small tourist scene, Nagua is still the subject of unacceptable and avoidable holiday illness claims. have dealt with many cases of holiday illness in Nagua, including reports of  symptoms including diarrhoea and vomiting, some visitors have reported poor food hygiene, dirty swimming pools and under cooked food.

Although all holiday makers visiting Nagua are advised to drink only bottled water, poorly maintained swimming pools can also lead to serious stomach illness such as Gastroenteritis as a result of contracting Cryptosporidium. Avoid foods not cooked thoroughly and/or re-heated incorrectly.

Suffering from illness on an all-inclusive holiday to Nagua will obviously affect your health but can also leave holidaymakers out of pocket from costly medical treatment.

  • Avoid foods not prepared hygienically.
  • Avoid food not stored at the correct temperature.
  • Drink only bottled water.
  • Frequently use an alcohol-based hand gel.
  • Avoid street food.
  • Avoid salads and any uncooked fruits and vegetables (these may have been handled unhygienically)

In the event that you do get ill Sickholiday advise that you seek medical attention whilst on holiday as this will greatly increase your chances of making an eligible claim upon your return.

It is your tour operators’ responsibility to make sure you are provided with a safe, clean and hygienic hotel.

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We have over 10 years industry experience and we will be happy to help you through the process of claiming back the cost of your holiday plus any additional compensation you may be owed.

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