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Been ill on a holiday in the last 3 years?
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Following the steps below will provide the best possible chance of making a successful claim.  If you have not followed all the steps listed, do not worry, speak to an advisor and they will inform you of what to do next.

Report the Incident

Contact your tour operator, management, airline or appropriate authorities by telephone and explain the incident.

Take Photos

Use your camera or phone to record pictures or video of anything that will support your claim.

Keep Important Information

Retain all holiday information such as bookings, receipts, medication taken/prescribed, illness progression etc.

GP Appointment

If your illness or symptoms persist on your return, it would be advisable to see the GP. This is to eliminate any complications of food poisoning which may require treatment, such as the following stated below:
– Post infective IBS.
– Parasitic Infections.
– Continuing bacterial infection.
– Invasive Salmonella which causes joint inflammation.

Medical evidence is seen as proof of illness but not everyone tends to seek medical attention.
In the interest of not taking up valuable GP time, Sickholiday recommends not visiting the GP if you have completely recovered, with no continuing syptoms and pre illness state of health.

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