To make a claim for an accident that occurred in your hotel, you do not have to be on an all-inclusive holiday.  If the hotel is based within the EU, you may be able to pursue a claim back in the UK directly with the hotels insurer.  Remember that hotel owners and tour operators have a duty of care towards the health and safety of you and anyone else in your party.


Many hotels in countries abroad use marble or similar materials to pave their floors. If these surfaces are wet they can cause serious injury resulting in ligament damage, concussion or even fractured and broken bones. Common causes can be excess liquid left behind by cleaners or unmaintained drains leaking onto the floors surface. When floors are slippery, they pose a health and safety issue. Wet floor signs must be displayed to reduce the risk.


Exposed cables, loose tiles or misplaced items are all common causes for trips on holiday. The injuries sustained can be devastating and can continue to affect the person involved long after their holiday has finished. If you have suffered an injury of this nature that could have been prevented with better care and attention, give our office a call and see if we can help.


The most severe injuries are usually caused by falls from unsecure balconies or in the case of children, balconies with low ledges or wide gaps that they are able to squeeze through.  These can obviously result in catastrophic injuries and a high level of distress for the families involved. Other examples would be open windows without a secure lock, unfinished construction sites on resort, ill maintained or ill lit stairways, loose support rails and uncovered manholes.  If you are on a package holiday, you are covered by The Package Travel Regulations 1992.  This means if the tour operator/hotel is in breach of those regulations you would be entitled to make a claim for compensation.


Accidents like this can be caused by broken tiles in or around the pool as well as loose fixtures on objects such as ladders, support rails, drainage covers or even water slides. If you have suffered an injury of this nature that could have been prevented with better care and attention, give our office a call and see if we can help.


The same accidents can occur in the confines of your room as with anywhere else in a hotel.  Over time, furniture can become worn and with items such as sofas or beds, applying a little pressure can cause them to fall through, resulting in injury.  Badly fitted bathroom facilities may also cause injury or faulty electrics where you have been given a shock.


The most common accidents occur as a result of spills left unattended where guests can later slip and fall, possibly with hot food in their hand causing further injury.  Other examples are burns from badly arranged cooking facilities or scalding from spills during service; broken glasses left behind by other guests unnoticed by staff and even miscellaneous objects in the food causing oral injuries.

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