Ear Infections On Holiday

If you have suffered with a throat or ear infection whilst abroad, see your GP when you return to the UK and then give our team a call. This type of claim is a specialist area of law and whilst we have given information below, this is not extensive and each case is dealt with individually. If you give our office a call we can guide you through the process and provide additional information as needed.

It may be necessary at some stage of the process to have one of our in-house Audiologists or ENT Consultants visit you at your home to make an assessment. All assessments that take place would be completely free of charge.

Common Causes of Ear Infections on Holiday

Ear Infections are becoming more common in countries abroad; this is normally due to the poor hygiene and maintenance of hotel swimming pools. Clients report hotel pools as having no smell of chlorine, poor maintenance and being in need of repair as well as having blocked filters and broken drains. Staff will be seen at night using fishing nets to filter the pool then adding buckets of chemicals to the water. The chemicals’ strength, however, should be tested before and after it is added, as well as at regular intervals throughout the day. Without such testing, there is no way of knowing how effective it will be at fighting the bacteria living in the pool.

The effectiveness of the chemicals used in the pool can be affected by hot weather during the day, causing the bacteria fighting chemicals from the pool to evaporate. When tested, swimming pools showed traces of faeces, sweat and bacteria such as Campylobacter. The heat provides an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria which then festers on the warm pool surface. This means that any guest using the facilities is then at a high risk of infection from the contaminated pool water. It only takes a small amount of water/bacteria to be ingested orally for a guest to become seriously ill.

Important Information – We recommend that you always seek medical attention from your local GP as infections can very quickly become worse and can be easily spread to others around you.


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