Although not as common, accidents whilst airborne do occur so provided you did not cause the accident i.e. the accident was not your fault, we are able to help.  These accidents can range from more common ones such as, luggage stowed in the overhead compartment falling and causing injury, to more major incidents such as injury caused by emergency landing.

The most common of all injuries are burns caused by hot drinks spilt on passengers during service.  Although regulations state the temperature should never be hot enough to burn your skin, this is not always the case.

Unlike other claims, under the Warsaw or Montreal Convention the limitation period for these types of accidents is 2 years.  This is the limited time in which you have to bring forward a claim from the date it took place.  After this time has elapsed you are no longer entitled to pursue a claim.


Unfortunately incidents like this are frequent and be caused by a number of reasons such as mislaid luggage or wet surfaces without signs to warn travellers.  Your right to make a claim is dependent on local law and the location of the airport that the incident took place in.


An assessment needs to be done on weather conditions, any unusual circumstances or mechanical or technical issues with the aircraft.  We work with some of the country’s leading solicitors who specialise in flight delay claims.

Call one of our team with your flight details and we can inform you within 48 hours if you have a valid claim.

Due to the complexity of these claims each one has to be assessed on an individual basis.

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